Jam Life (2023)

Leyla Series (2023)

Currency (2022 - 2023)

Please, Remind Me How to Pray (2021)
fantasii · Remind Me How To Pray (WHOLE EP)

“Please, Remind Me How to Pray” (2021)
Written, recorded & produced by Roberto Ronzani, vocals by Lucien Easton

herz (2021)

Secular Light Unltd. - “herz” (2021)
3-channel animation film, stereo sound, 6min
Written and Directed by Naim Mbundu & Roberto Ronzani
Animation by Dimitri Erhard & Roberto Ronzani
Music and Sound Design by Naim Mbundu & Tidiane Sane

Secular Light Unltd. is a collective of artists, designers and musicians.