Roberto Ronzani is an artist born in 1998.

You think that mythology emerges when very sensitive people pull meaning from their visions and dreams. That is because, after writing down your own, an allegory appeared for all the things that happened to you in the past year. It ran consistently through your dream but you couldn’t see it until you wrote it down.

You believe that at the core of it all there’s language. you feel rather insecure about your writing but very confident about the fashion decisions you take. You are able to have a transcendental experience while a) painting b) while looking at art and c) while listening to music. this fascinates you. What about sex?

Making art gives purpose to your life. You admire Lancey Foux for saying the exact same thing, except of music. And Jennifer Packer, whose work is the “proof” of her life.

You recently wrote a note which reads “ridicule yourself“.

You believe in a holy spiritual force. since one year you call it god so everyone knows what you‘re talking about. you started wearing your mom’s rosary. the one she got from her catholic nun aunt, in Brazil. You are not Brazilian. You are not Christian.

Does painting bring you closer to god?

It brings you closer to life. You believe in manifestation. Your friends from back home have taught you that this is what it’s called.

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